Trademark Usage Agreement


The Books for Treats Marks must only be used in connection with charitable, educational or non-commercial purposes.

Attribution Instructions


“Books for Treats™ is a trademark of Books for Treats, and may not be used without written permission. Used hereunder by license.”

The attribution (™) should always be included on the first mention of the mark.


It is important to use the Marks consistent with the coloration as provided to you by Books for Treats.


You may vary the size of the Marks to suit your needs.


It is critical to ensure that any adjustments in size are made proportionally, so that the overall impression is not distorted. Be sure to keep the Books for Treats Marks intact as they exist currently.

Term; Termination

You may use our Marks for one year starting from the date this agreement is accepted by you. Thereafter, you may continue using our Marks for additional one year terms if you notify us in writing at at the end of every term. We reserve the right to say no, but if you don’t hear from Books for Treats within seven business days, your request for a renewal will be deemed to be approved.

Books for Treats can terminate this license immediately for any reason or for no reason. If this license is terminated, you agree to immediately cease all use of our Marks.

I Agree That I/We Will Not:

* Allow others to use the Books for Treats Marks.
* Use some portions of the Books for Treats Marks while leaving other parts out.
* Use the Books for Treats Marks in a manner that would be considered sub-standard, offensive, or otherwise objectionable by industry norms.
* Use the Marks outside of the United States.
* Try to register Marks anywhere in the world or challenge Books for Treats’ rights in and to the Marks.
* Adjust the length of the Books for Treats Marks without similarly and proportionally adjusting the height.
* Display the Books for Treats Marks in different colors.
* Use any of the elements by themselves as illustrative art or graphics.
* Use over a coarse-screen or a pattern that interferes with the ability to read the Mark.

If you agree to the foregoing, please indicate your acceptance by clicking the “I Agree” button below.

I agree

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